Translate the questions into French

I’d like to try Transcelerator here in central Africa, but we have to start from French, not English.
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+1 for French please (just the questions would be fine, whatever the gui)

Check out the latest news! Localization into French is coming…

The French version of the questions are now available, as of version 1.3.9, which was released today. Most of these are “auto-translated and have not been carefully reviewed, but they are probably mostly good enough to be usable. Kudos to Martin for his help to make this possible!

If you are interested in Transcelerator in French, please get in touch here. I will soon start recruiting volunteers to help proof-read the French sub-project on Crowdin that Tom had created.

We need some agreement on language (singular or plural for “you”), style and proper names, I am preparing some docs. Watch this space please.