Trouble with Hyperlinks is confused by similar book abbreviations

Hi all,
In our project the book of John is abbreviated Yoh.
The books of 1 John (etc.) are abbreviated 1Yoh. 2Yoh. 3Yoh.

Here is the glitch:

We don’t yet have the book of John in the app, so none of the “Yoh.” references should hook up to anything. While we do have the 1Yoh. etc. in the app, so those all correctly link up.

You will notice (if the blue is readable) that in the “Yoh.” references SAB only links on the Chapter/verse part, but not the book name. This means that the link points to the current book, which is a “back material” book and none of the links do anything (which I suppose is a good thing).

NOTE: None of the other references to missing books are given links (like Ayb. 10 or Yeh. 29-30).

Any clue why SAB is giving links to all the Yoh. references even though the book isn’t in the app?
Any clue how we can stop it from doing that?