Two Pane Layout Issue


I have an issue and a suggestion for the SAB 8.0.1 Build Release 65 for Mac.


I am building an English/Spanish Bible android app. I would like the 2 collections, Eng and Spanish to be viewed in two-pane layout by default. Both of my book collections are .usfm zip files that were successfully uploaded. I preview them and the books are just fine. I then setup the two-pane layout settings. I selected Default Layout -> Two Pane, For the “which layout can users choose from?” only “Two Pane” is checked, Eng as Top/Left and Spanish as Bottom/Right. I then build the app and it gives me a Android APK built successfully. However, when testing this app on a Galaxy S7 phone, it opens up to “Reader” in Bold and then below that “No book found”.

I don’t understand this error. No matter how I try to select the two pane layout with these 2 book collections, it gives me this same error. Can you help please? What am I doing wrong? Thank you

As for the Suggestion:

I love that the app has a verse of the day notification. But I see there is no way to know what the verse of the day is within the app itself. So for instance, if I see the notification and by accident, I clear the notifications on my phone, there is no way to know what the verse of the day was. Are there any plans to have a “Verse of the Day” link within the app that would point to the verse of the day? This would be great.

Thank you for providing this amazing Scripture app builder! God bless you!

Hi there! Could you please upload a printscreen of the file tree on the left of SAB? With all of the nodes expanded for the app in question. The books / book collections have to be added in just the right way.

Also, I recommend taking your feature request out of this post and putting it in its own post. It will get more visibility there. I think there is also a “feature request” category too.


I have written this up as a bug.

I tested in Windows and it did the same thing. It opened in one pane view. In the Views menu it only had Two panes available but as long as you stayed in One pane on the first collection, you would not know you are only supposed to see two panes.

I’ll test on Mac too, later.

This will be fixed in the next version of Scripture App Builder.

FANTASTIC! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Just a question, will this feature works like a parallel bible? Thanks.

The two pane feature is already there as is the three versions interspersed.

The issue of this thread is that when set to only two pane view, it was not showing as that.

In portrait view the first version is on top and the second underneath. The Landscape view is side b side. See Scripture-App-Builder-02-Building-Apps.pdf Section 8.1 Page 38-39 for images of various layouts.