Two pane screen - top window blank after changing to other chapter

This is a Scripture App with three book collections. The text has a border around it. Single Pane and Two Pane layout can be selected. It was built with SAB 5.5.
When the Two-Pane layout is active and I change the chapter of the book by going to the chapter and verse selector, the top text window is blank. The text only appears when I turn the phone to landscape orientation or when I swipe left or right (to another chapter).
Same when I initially hold the phone in landscape: after selecting a different chapter, the left hand text window turns blank, the right window is fine.
It only happens when I change the chapter. Changing to another book works as expected.
I heard the same issue from someone else.

Can you make your app available either publicly here or via a private message to me (Click on my icon and select message).

Is this happening on Android?

Yes I get the same behavior as you describe. I have added it to the bug todo list.

I would like others to let us know if they get the behavior of disappearing text when changing chapters.

Yes, I’ve also noticed it. It will need to be fixed for SAB 5.6.