Two sources for audio files

I am trying to add audio files to my app. Source 1: external SD card. Source 2: download from internet site.

When all the files are on the SD card, the app works fine.
So then I wanted to test whether it would detect a missing file and download it from the internet. I deleted Matthew 1 from the card. Now other chapters work fine (they’re already on the SD card), but trying to play Matthew 1 results in the error: Audio file not found.

I know the file is on the website because I can link to it and play with my browser.

I’ve tried using site names with and without final /: and …/audiobible/

The problem may be ‘Connection state’ and ‘Internet’ permissions. How do I specify this in SAB?

I’m not saying this is the case but in my experience I’ve found the uploaded file names have added an “_” to spaces where there were none previously. IE: 001 Mat became 001_Mat. This confounded me until I realized the file/s being looked for were not of the same specific name because of this. It may be worth checking to be sure the file names are identical. FWIW.


You don’t need two sources. Just use the Internet source. In that specify the folder on the SD card.Then you can get from the internet or just copy to the SD card. Only one source can be associated with each chapter. If you associated Mat 1 with Source 1 and deleted it from the SD. Then you have to change Mat 1 to be from Source 2 to get from the internet.

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