UI Design - Contents Menu made easier


I herited a SAB project from someone else, and I found it quite hard to interpret how ‘Contents Menu’ was organised.

here is a quick screenshot


Will it be possible to make it easier to see how Contents Menu is organised and maybe show different example on how this could be used?



Thanks for this comment. The Contents Menu page in the builder has been rewritten in SAB 4.6 to make it more user-friendly. There is also a new section in the ‘Building Apps’ document to explain how to add items and screens to the menu.

Please try it out and let us know if it makes things easier.

Thanks, that is very exciting, I will definitively try it out and play with it.


Would it be possible to show some examples on how the content menu could be used (Design wise, function wise).

For a single language Bible there is no need for a Contents menu as the book menu provides the navigation needed.

If you have several collection then a contents menu may be helpful but not essential

For a hymn book app there is a basic number and title menu created.

For an app I made I had a more extensive menu. The initial menu had:

  • Number
  • Titles (alphabetized)
  • First line of song
  • First line of chorus
  • Tune name
  • English tune name
  • Copyright list.

So each item lead to a separate list that was sorted by the information in it.

People creating Story books tend to have menus with pictures.

The contents menu can be useful for all kinds of things. We use it as a topical index since our users are not very familiar with the Bible and it’s chapters and verses. See attached image. We have main categories and then sub-menus with story titles in that category.