Unable to add Gospel Film for Zapoteco, Sierra de Juarez (ZAATBLP2DV)

Unable to add the Gospel Films for Zapoteco, Sierra de Juarez (ZAATBLP2DV) in SAB. I verified the permissions are there through Bible Brain API. I also created a Postman test to verify I would GET content and all tests were successful. I tested the films for the languages before and after this language and all were successful.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I just wanted to follow up on this issue since I was the one that reported it to Angel at FCBH. I’m still unable to add the Gospel Films for this language using the wizard in SAB. This is the only language I’ve experienced an issue with using the Gospel Films wizard. Any help resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
David Fetrow

@Angel and @David_Fetrow,

Sorry that I haven’t answered sooner!

I looked up this language and (as I expected) it is in Mexico. SAB’s wizard has you search by country and this displays a list of languages in the country. We use the DBP4 API to get the list of languages in a country. We use /languages?key=KEY&v=4&country=CC and for CC = MX the results do not include “Zapoteco, Sierra de Juarez (ZAATBLP2DV)".

So this is most likely an issue with the metadata in Bible Brain. @Angel, I slacked you and @Brad_Flood about this.



Thanks for looking into this. I appreciate it!


I found out the reason why your language is not working. I didn’t completely understand the range of possible values. It is possible for the verse_end for a video to be null. So I will have to change the SAB code to handle this. I should be able to get this included in the next release of SAB.

Thank you, Chris!


@David_Fetrow, it turns out it was actually an error in the data. That has been fixed so you can try again with current SAB.


@ChrisHubbard, It’s working now…thanks!