Unable to reduce space taken by section head \s1 and reference \r

In my layout, I can’t seem to get the section head and reference to take up less space. Here is what I currently see:

The combination is taking up 4 lines, but I would like to reduce it to 3. I have changed the styles for \s1 and \r, now to the point that spacing factor before/after is zero, I reduced the size of the font a bit (to 0.90), and I even tried reducing the line spacing factor to 0.80.

What am I missing?

I played around with it a bit more, making more and more radical changes, including negative spacing before/after, and I finally got things to collapse, then I tried to return values to their defaults, to see what was really needed. It seems like the key values were making the after factors -0.10 (that’s negative) for both \s1 and \r. With those values, things look relative decent. (I’ll post the settings below.) This is just a draft publication, so it’s not a huge deal, but it was annoying to not get roughly what I wanted.

It would be interesting if someone could comment on why that negative spacing factor is necessary. Assuming everything is set to no extra spacing, it seems like those fields should basically fit into the grid.

Here are the parameters I ended up using (sorry I forgot my UI was in French…). Normal text is 10pt, so I made these fields slightly smaller point size, 9.5pt.