Update: Complex font handling and Crosswalk viewer

Message from the Scripture App Builder developers:

In this previous post, we explained that there was an issue with Crosswalk, a viewer component that handles Graphite font rendering. It was crashing the app on startup with Android 10 (API Level 29). In SAB 8.0+ we had to disable building with Crosswalk.

Good news! We were able to fix the issue in Crosswalk (using a deprecated API) and we are planning the next release to include Crosswalk again. :partying_face: :tada: :balloon: :fireworks:

We have made a Pre-Release build of the next release to use for testing. We would like to get user feedback on this build. If you have used Crosswalk with previous releases, please contact me (chris underscore hubbard at sil dot org) and let me know which platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and which of the app builders you used, and I can share the Pre-Release build with you.

Chris Hubbard

@viverechristus, would you like to test?