Update: Google Play Requires AAB For New Apps

The time has come that Google Play now requires all new apps to be published as Android App Bundles (AAB). See New Feature: Publish Android App Bundles for more details. The instructions in the workflow forms have been updated due to this change. The Scriptoria Help Guide has been updated with new screenshots.

When uploading the AAB, it is still signed by a keystore. One thing that was not communicated in Google’s announcement is that the keystore used to to sign the AAB for new apps, it cannot be a keystore that has been used to publish APKs in the past. The upload will fail with the following error:

You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle that is signed with a key that is also used to sign APKs that are delivered to users. Because you are enrolled in Play App Signing, you should sign your APK or Android App Bundle with a new key before you upload it.

You will need to specify a BUILD_KEYSTORE in the publishing properties. Contact us to configure a new keystore to be used to upload AABs.

For His Great Name,
Chris Hubbard