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I’m using glossary to create entries for Biblical places. Each place in the Bible is tagged with \w tag. For example:

\w Caesarea|Caesarea (Maritima)\w*

The biblical name comes first followed by the exact name in the glossary index. It have basic info about the place and a generated Jpeg image from Google maps and pictures from the place. It also have a link to an interactive Bible Atlas map online. An example of an entry in the.BAK file looks like this:

\m \k Caesarea (Maritima)\k*
\m Roman port along the Mediterian sea.
\p\m Type: City
\m Greek name: Καισάρεια
\m Means: separated
\m \fig |mapPlace_365.jpg|col|||| \fig* 
\m [Click to view on map - 32.499546, 34.892185](https://www.karnbibeln.se/atlas/?pi=365)
\m Mentions 15 times in the Bible (OT: 0, NT: 15)
\m \xt Act 8:40; 9:30; 10:1; 10:24; 11:11; 12:19; 18:22; 21:8; 21:16; 23:23; 23:33; 25:1; 25:4; 25:6; 25:13\xt* 
\p \p \it Pictures \it* 
\m \fig |caesarea_aqueducts_small.jpg|col|||| \fig* 

Everything works nice except for the some things. Any one have suggestions or workarounds?

  1. The URL link text does not work in the popup. The link works nice when going to the Glossary in the App and clicking on the link there. It takes me to https://www.karnbibeln.se/atlas/?pi=365
    (As a note, \xt links works in a popup, they can be clicked and the new place comes up in the popup window.)

  2. The search finds the entry in the glossary, but when clicking the result it takes you to the first top of the glossary, not the entry itself.

  3. It would be nice if there was similar functionality as with references that you can jump to the definition by clicking the image in the right top corner. If the description about the place is long it would be nice to go to the definition in the glossary and benefit from using the full screen.

The app is available here: play.google.com/apps/testing/se.karnbibeln.app

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I answered one like this on the support page. If you want more help then please give an update.


Ian, that sounds great to to get some input on this issue. Do you have a link to your answer?

(When I go to the support page there are only a form for submitting bug, I can´t see any answers there - https://software.sil.org/scriptureappbuilder/support/)