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While I can see that a lot of documentation has been generated, there is still a big picture question or two I am not sure about. Part of it is that I am not always sure what “organization” is being referred to in the documentation.

I am wanting to publish an app to the Play store. As I look at two things ’And I am interested in two things:

  1. Maintaining the anonymity (to the public) of myself and my organization
  2. Less important, but hopefully reduce the admin work of setting up extra accounts.

So I think that of the scenarios “Android app to google play store”, “… Low Admin”… “High admin” that perhaps what I want is the first scenario?

Is it true that I wouldn’t need to have an account with Google to do this? If that is correct, what do I give up or lose if I go with this option? (I assume with the simpler route I would have somehow less control or fewer options, or be dependent upon others more – but I’m not sure practically what that means.


Hi Hope1,
Check out
We can help with your apps and have established and “adopted” others Google Play stores that we manage for many apps / users / language teams. We would still need to have copyright covered by some other organization, as we don’t claim that as Kalaam. Let me know if you are interested by replying here or PM me: dan at said organization.


With Scriptoria, you still have to have a Google Play Store account. It just helps you manage the publishing/updating of the apps. Once you go through the initial workflow (which walks you through the steps of creating an entry in the Google Play Store and setting up all the configuration), then updates can mostly be done through Scriptoria without having to go back to Google Play.

We have organizations for those who have multiple apps that they are managing. An organization allow grouping of apps and the people who work on them. We have organizations with hundreds of apps and we have a few organizations with just a few. One of the organizations set it up so that someone in the community could continue to do updates without having to deal with the complexities of the Google Play Console.

If you don’t want to setup your own organization in Scriptoria, then (as @Dan_Neville mentioned) can help you manage the process.

Please let me know how I can help.


@Dan_Neville Is this also a service offered for the IOS App store?

Hi Hope,

I wish I could say Yes, but sadly, the answer is No. It’s a long story, but we, Kalaam, have been blocked / barred from Apple. A simple summary is that Apple will not allow a third party to publish apps for others; at least not in the quantity that we were publishing.

I’m sorry to have to give you that answer.


@hope1, @Dan_Neville,

Just for clarification on the Apple App Store, Kalaam was using their account to publish iOS apps for other. This is against their policies. You can publish an app to the Apple App Store in your own account. They want the content owners to be the connection with the end user, not through a third-party.