Use PicList.txt to specify image location

I’d like to use the same set of illustrations for multiple apps/languages. I don’t want to edit the Paratext files because (1) these illustrations are only for the app, not for the print editions, and (2) I’ll use the same illustrations in the same locations for multiple projects but I don’t want to waste time doing the same steps to add 100’s of illustrations in each Paratext project. (3) The translators really don’t want to see 100’s of illustrations in Paratext.

The solution: Allow the app creator to specify image locations using a text file.

PTXprint already does this. It can create a PicList.txt from an existing .sfm file, and can use this file to specify image location for printing. SAB could use the same file format for specifying image location for apps.

Here’s the PTXprint PicList.txt format:
% PicList Generated by PTXprint.
% Location |Image Name|Img.Size|Position on Page||Illustration|Ref.
% book ch.vs |filename.ext|span/col|t/b/tl/tr/bl/br||Caption Text|ch:vs
% (See end of list for more help for trouble-shooting)

RUT 1.2 |GPS_Ruth.jpg|col|bl|||1:2
RUT 1.3 |1_03_Ruth.jpg|col|tr|||1:3

Thanks, Eric. Yes, this looks like an interesting feature to add!
We already have code to insert videos at specific places, so we could extend this for pictures.