User Accounts Not Working - RESOLVED

Good day Community,

System Information: Mac Mini M1
SAB version: 11.0.1 (build release 120)

Since upgrading I am no longer able to use the functionality of User accounts. this includes ticking all the boxes under “Data and Analytics” as well as setting up Firebase database and authentication.

I have tried with multiple new apps and the same issue, User login does not appear in the Navigation Menu (side menu).

This is for both Android and iOS builds.

Is anyone else having the same issue?

@ChrisHubbard , is there any chance you can replicate the issue or is there any information I can provide you to assist with the investigation?

Kind regards,
James Cuthbert

@James_Cuthbert I believe that Richard found the issue. Please install 11.0.2 that was just released to address this issue and one with audio playback on Android 13.


Amazing, I have downloaded, tested, and all is working as it should.
Thank you for your hard work.

Kind regards,
James Cuthbert