User manual for ptxpring

Dear Sir/Mam, Is there a user manual for ptx print that can help us figure out the error messages we are getting?
I did select “empty” for the footer. But it appears that the copyright info
appears at the end of each chapter or end of the book but it still appears.
I suppose I could use scissors and cut it out where ever it appears but
I would prefer not to use that option because it would look like I am
tampering with the Scriptures.
Does anyone have time to help with the issue
above and to help with these 3 attached file issues?
You could try to email me suggested solutions but if I still can’t
figure it out, I might need a call.
Another issue I need help with is I need PTX to tell me how many verses
I have drafted so I can put that on my reports to my supervisors. See
3rd attached file.

Hi @craig,

It looks like the attachments didn’t come through. Are you able to try re-attaching them? Or logging into the Scripture Software Community page and adding the attachments to your post?

Did you try changing to Advanced settings in PTXPrint (1 in the image below).

After enabling the Advanced view:

  1. Go to the ‘Basic’ tab (2)
  2. Type a “space” for Copyright (3). If you leave it blank, it looks like it defaults to “(c) 2021 Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.” So, just type a “space” and I think that should help.