User read the next line after the yellow highlight: any fixes?

I’m trying to help a user who doesn’t speak English. He was recording his own translation of Mark.
Since the first thing it says for a chapter is: “Chapter 1” or some such, he decided that must just be a divider kind of heading to know where you are, but nothing that needs recording, since it wasn’t his language. Then he proceeded to read the next line directly under it – the heading for the first section, while “chapter 1” was highlighted in yellow.
Then he clicked next and recorded the next line under that.
As a result he always recorded the line underneath the yellow highlighted line, never the yellow line.
The recording is all there, but all in the wrong place, one notch too early.
In this manner he recorded the entire book of Mark.
Does anyone know a way to fix this without having to redo the entire book? I mean, could he record “Pasal 1” for “chapter 1” etc in a separate place and insert these somehow in the right place? Or is there a way to edit this error out with aeneas?
Any help much appreciated.


What is your end goal? There is a point at which if you publish you will have file segments that are in order. At worst you will have to rename files.

But if you want to fix your HearThis project so you don’t have to do other fixes later, Then you probably just need to renumber the files in the folders for the recording. On mine chapter one is: C:\ProgramData\SIL\HearThis\msmDBL\Mark\1
I am guessing you don’t have 0.wav. So just rename 1.wav to 0.wav then 2.wav to 1.wav etc.

If you are on Windows and want a batch file to do this for you then ask. but make sure there is no 0.wav in each folder.

Of course I’d do a backup first to be safe.


In Scripture App Builder, you can set the offset to begin at the first verse. Thus, if your chapter reading does not have the “Chapter #” ready you can adjust the highlighting to begin with the verse and can skip the chapter recording.


HearThis also allows for skipping chapter numbers, but since everything is already recording in the wrong slots, following Ian’s advice and shifting the files so that they are correctly named is probably the best way to avoid future confusion.

Thank you guys, for helping. I confess, my skills are not quite up to this. And I haven’t got the whole HearThis project on my computer.

Ian, you are right, I think we need to rename the files.
The recording was done with the older version of HearThis that was used for recording off of PT7. That wouldn’t make a difference, would it?
Are you saying 0.wav is normally the file name for the chapter number? So what is in 0.wav at the moment, should actually be in 1.wav, right? And what is in 1.wav now, should be in 2.wav? etc. Because he recorded the section heading, when chapter 1 was highlighted…
So after renaming the files he could even record a file with the chapter number and call it 0.wav?
Yes, please, could you make a .batch for that? It must be hundreds of little files, that need renaming, right? Thank you so much!!
Yes, I’m in Windows, and so is the MTT.
With dummy instructions please.
Thank you so much Ian!!

The end goal is to produce an app with two books (Mark and Acts) with audio produced by HearThis in a SAB built app.

Paul, where in SAB would I set the offset to begin at the first verse as you say (or at the section heading)? Or is this something I do in HearThis, by excluding markers, as Tom says?

Thank you!!

As of version 2.0.137, HearThis now dims the context when recording to avoid confusion.
There is also now an advanced setting (on the Interface tab) to enable a context menu command which will allow a project administrator to shift recorded clips forward or backward to correctly align them to the blocks. As always, the latest version can be obtained from the Download page on the website.