User registration and User Account

Is there a plan to combine these functions?

It is a bit redundant to have 2 forms, but we want to capture user contact details and give them the ability to store/sync notes, highlights, bookmarks, etc.

iOS issue

Requiring a user to register before allowing access to the app goes against App Store policies.

Guideline 5.1.1 - Legal - Privacy - Data Collection and Storage

We noticed that your app requires users to register or log in to access features that are not account based.

Apps may not require users to enter personal information to function, except when directly relevant to the core functionality of the app or required by law. For example, an e-commerce app should let users browse store offerings and other features that are not account based before being asked to register, or a restaurant app should allow users to explore the menu before placing an order. Registration must then only be required for account-specific features, such as saving items for future reference or placing an order.

Combining the user registration with the User Account may solve this. Also, making this a timed event (e.g. the user may use the app for 7 days before having to register an account) would also be useful.

Is there a way to capture more data on the User Account form?