User settings to display images/video

Forgive me, where would I find this feature mentioned in the release notes for 9.1?

If you have images or videos embedded within the Bible text, you can add user settings to allow the user to choose whether or not they want to display the images or videos in the text.


The settings that are listed on the Features > Settings page are dependent on what features that you are using in your app.

If your app has videos with placement or illustrations with placement, then these settings will show up in the Features > Settings page:

  • Images in Bible text - Choose how to display images in the Bible text
  • Videos in Bible text - Choose how to display videos in the Bible text

In the app, there will be new user settings:

When you tap on the setting in the user settings, you get this popup:

Perfect - thank you for helping me understand that one.
I don’t suppose there is a way of defaulting the show videos to “off” is there? If not, can I please request this? (useful for cultures where video is sometimes seen as a bit disrespectful but others who are more comfortable might be able to then choose/add it)

@Jason, if the app is for people in cultures that are likely to find videos within the text disrespectful, then I suggest that you do not include videos in the app, or otherwise put them in a book on their own, not embedded in the text.

Or you could create two apps: one with videos and one without videos, designed for different audiences.

Yes at present we took the approach of removing video from the particular app for which I had this feature in mind, although we do use videos in other languages used in the country. Being able to turn it on would suit the minority case (foreign workers) who would want the videos. You’re right - a separate app is an alternative (although I doubt it is viable for the Apple store to have two similar apps)

Thank you for this information. Helpful.

Our users are requesting the ability to pin the video to the top half of the screen, rather than in the text. And to allow the text to scroll underneath it. (Nice for the word-for-word videos, like Mark.)

Is this a feature/setting you all are thinking of implementing?

In full screen mode, running the text along the bottom like subtitles would be nice too! ( :smile: )