Users not appearing

I am trying to set up Community Checking for our team. Having already done a Send/Receive, I was expecting to see my entire translation team as Users for Scripture Forge, but I seem to be the only User. It appears that I could invite the rest of the team as Community Checkers but not as Users. It doesn’t look like doin this would match the usage the team is envisioning.

Am I missing something?

Hi Leigh,

Your translation team will not show up until they join the project. They can log in to Scripture Forge using Paratext and connect the project, and once they have done so they’ll show up in the user list.

Ok thanks,
We’ll need to think about that then. The team only has one Windows computer. The rest of the team is using Wasta Linux.

Hi Leigh,

Your team doesn’t need to download and install Paratext. They just need to go to, click log in at the top, log in with Paratext, and then join the project in Scripture Forge. The fact that they’re using Wasta Linux shouldn’t matter because they don’t need to install Paratext.