Using 3 recorded dialects with 1 text in SAB

I’m managing our project remotely with a security sensitive team in Asia. Our scripture project has been recorded by FCBH into 3 reading dialects - all unique audio recordings of the same written text. Thus we have 3 unique recordings of 1 written text. My question is this, can SAB work with 3 unique recordings of the same written text, all within the one app? In other words, we want the end users to be able to choose 1 audio recording of the 3 audio recordings available for their written text. We have been able to do this on You Version, but I am new to SAB and want to know what our options may be for developing an SAB app. If anyone could help guide us, we would really appreciate your input. With thanks and every blessing!

SAB can’t handle this with one text.

The way I would attempt/test this is to make a three collection app. Each collection has the same text but different audio.

I’d use a contents menu for them to select their dialect version.


Thank you for your quick response! I will move forward with this in mind.

While you can create an app with 3 identical texts that use different audio, this will result in a larger app size. Users may find it a bit cumbersome to switch to find their preferred version.

You might consider if users really want or will listen to more than one audio version much. Perhaps people have a favorite audio and want to listen to that, and only listen to the others out of curiosity. This situation could be accommodated by creating 3 separate apps, all with the same text, but each with one of the 3 audio versions. One advantage of this is the app icon and playstore listing can be different and perhaps use an art style that will help users identify their particular favorite audio.

IF you did develop separate apps, you could advertise the other 2 audio versions using the Splash screen and put links to the over version Playstore page in the Menu section. You could also have a sample of the other audio versions play as a Youtube video, or as audio clips in an extra book.

If your users will likely use 2 or all 3 of the audio versions, then it may be best to create one app with all 3 audio versions. At some point in the future SAB may accommodate more than one audio with one text. You can make this a feature request by making a new topic post at SAB Feature Requests - SIL Scripture Software Community

This is good, thoughtful feedback. Our end users all identify themselves as one group and use one literary text among them, with 3 distinct, mutually unintelligible oral dialects who all read the same text. At the end of the day for us, it may be best to make this a new feature request. Thank you!

Please do. I think we would use a feature like that.