Using Adj List in PTXPrint

I am trying to adjust the length of a page (expanding the text), so as to get a verse number to move to the next page. But when I go to View+Edit, Adj List, I am looking at the following, and cannot get it to work:

How can I use this feature, please? I am working with a booklet, so there are 4 books, not just one. I’ve tried clicking on Generate, nothing, and I’ve hit Print to create the PDF, but neither of these helped. Everything remains greyed out.

Great to hear from you again @muckles !

Yes, this does seem strange. My best guess at this point (based on the description you have given) is that the configuration has been Locked (using the settings on the Basic tab). Could you please check that and (if it is locked) unlock it to see if the AdjList can be generated, edited and saved.

You will need a password to unlock the configuration, but if you can’t remember it, there is an easy way to find it behind the scenes [ask me @mjpenny in a private message].