Using epub as a book in SAB

Hello, I’m having trouble finding an answer on the community board. I believe I once read that SAB and RAB could pull epubs in as books. When looking at the latest SAB interface it only lists USFM, DBL, DOCX, BLOOM and zip files containing books at acceptable file types. I don’t see any mention of .epub anymore.

Can someone please confirm weather we can use .epub files within SAB/RAB?

I tried to add one and it didn’t display within the software viewer window.

I’m seeking to create a “digital library” and would like to pull some English resources from other NGO initiatives who have released their simple English readers in .epub format.

Thank you!


On pg 7 of these instructions
Scripture App Builder: Building Apps (
It says the following:

The text format you need depends on the type of app content you have.
• Books of the Bible:
The Scripture text needs to be in one of the following formats:
o Paratext files (.usfm, .sfm, .ptx, etc.)
o USX files (.usx)
o Digital Bible Library Text Release Bundles (.zip)
• Other types of app content such as commentaries, picture story books, song
books and Bible studies:
The text needs to be in one of the following formats:
o Word documents (.docx)
o SFM text files (.sfm)
o HTML files (.html)
o Bloom books (.bloomd)

So it doesn’t look like .epub is an option.
On page 20 it talks about creating .epub files. Perhaps that is why you had it in mind.
A quick search online for ‘converting epub to doc’ gave many results, I can’t vouch for any of them but it might be worth a try.

An EPUB is effectively a ZIP file containing HTML files for the content (amongst others). Try renaming the source file.

I would unzip it to get at the HTML files and see how they have been coded or to edit them.

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