Using Legacy font vs. UTC-approved Unicode font in SAB

Has anyone developed an app that used a Legacy font and later the font was changed to the Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) approved Unicode font ? Is it better to wait for the UTC-approved font before developing the app in SAB ? The Legacy font was used in Paratext.

AS long as you have a reliable conversion method from Legacy to Unicode, I would make the app with Legacy encoding first. But I have not done that.

Who provides the conversion method from Legacy to Unicode ? The Legacy font is non-Latin/Roman script.

You will need to find (or be!) a technically competent person to create a TECkit mapping file which converts the legacy encoding over to the Unicode encoding, then use a tool to do the actual conversion. (Paratext can actually be set up to transliteration or Unicode conversion with a TECkit mapping file. Check the help files in Paratext.)

More help can be found here:

Documentation on how to use the TECkit language can be found here:

So is the other option to wait for the UTC-approved Unicode ?

Hi Ian and Jeff
Should that be the responsibility of the language team - not the app publishing team ? Also, in the app publishing checklist, one pre-requisite for making an app in the SAB Help page is an approved orthography - maybe include a UTC-approved Unicode ?

There is no hard a fast answer to your questions. It depends on priorities.

Any Legacy to Unicode conversion need to be approved by the language team. If they (language team) don’t have the skills and you (the app building team) don’t have the skills then you would need to look for someone who as the skills. SIL has Writing System Support.

If the app publishing team and don’t want to deal/don’t have the skills for legacy to Unicode conversion then say you will only work with Unicode encoding scripts.

Thanks, Ian. At the moment, there is no Unicode at all for the language - it’s not yet approved by UTC.