Using portions of a book - there are some issues

I’ve been working on an app in a language where mostly portions of books will be published. I came across a few issues that should be fixed:

  1. It is not possible to exclude part of a chapter if it is “in the middle” of the chapter. For example, I want to include the portion Genesis 11:1 to 11:9 and Genesis 11:27 to 12:18 in the app. There was no way to define this in SAB, I tried several options. In the end, I included all of chapter 11 and then removed verses 10-26 using the Changes feature in SAB.

  2. When a portion doesn’t start with verse 1 of a chapter, the chapter number doesn’t appear. For example, defining portion Romans 5:12 to 5:14 prevents chapter number 5 from appearing.

  3. A section heading that’s in the text right after the end of a portion is still displayed which is not desired. Because it belongs to the next portion which isn’t supposed to be included in the publication. For example, after portion Genesis 21:1-8, a section heading \s is displayed in the app that is about the rest of the chapter which is not included in the app.

Thanks @Friedo for reporting these things. We have added them to the list of issues to investigate.

Thanks, appreciate it!