Using SAB for a multi language dictionary app

HI, I seem to remember someone using SAB to create a multi language dictionary app. I cant seem to find the particular post. Can someone point me to it please.

You will want to use Dictionary App Builder. It has features for formatting dictionaries using the XHTML output from Fieldworks Language Explorer and persists data in a local database for quick search and retrieval. I would not recommend trying to use SAB to display dictionaries.


I have some toolbox dictionary files that have relatively simple structures. They have not been imported into Fieldworks. I have been requested to make one app featuring several of these dictionaries similar to a multi bible SAB app.

Does toolbox export LIFT files or is there a tools to import the toolbox files and export LIFT? Sorry, I don’t have a background in the dictionary editors.


I asked ChatGPT:

If your Toolbox files have “relatively simple structures”, then you should import them into FieldWorks, to take advantage of all the services available (archiving, export to Webonary, export to print, export to LIFT). There is a course for importing on this page: Dictionary & Lexicography Services. The link takes you to this page: Importing SFM to FLEx: A roadmap and resources. If you need help converting your dictionary to FieldWorks, fill out this form: Webonary – Dictionaries and Grammars of the World. There is a fee for this service, depending on the complexity of your project.

ChatGPT doesn’t know everything… :slight_smile:

Hi Stuart, I’ve just seen this thread. I work for SIL Dictionary and Lexicography Services. Please get in touch if you have questions about the FLEx import and App creation processes. Jeff has mentioned some good resources.