Using SAB for Bible studies - Unlocking next chapter by giving the right answer

I was asked by a field worker if it would be possible to create a Bible study app. Now I know that it’s not difficult to build an app with any kind of text with SAB. But the request was about having a set of questions at the end of a chapter. These could be multiple choice or a field to enter text, maybe. Only the right answer would unlock the next chapter of the study.

The Bloom app has the ability to have comprehension questions at the end, I know that. I like your idea of having the correct answer “unlock” the next section. That would be a great addition. Even a way to email results to an individual (for fill in the blank style answers)? Ways to answer could include radio buttons / check boxes / drop down menus / fill in the blank.

I know you can associate audio clips with pictures for a multiple choice quiz (play a “correct” or “incorrect” sound) as Marty Lange demos in his RAB video tutorials. I wonder if you can also use cross references to jump either to a generic “try again” message or to the “opened” next passage of Scripture. Just trying to think outside the box!