Using the verse selctor and customised book UI styles


We have some questions relating to use of the verse selector and customised book UI styles in scripture related books. I realise this is an extension of the intended use of USFM, but it follows the rules and it works… and the aim is for better scripture engagement.


Using SAB 4.4 Ubuntu Build 3

Verse markup can be very useful in scripture related books for SAB. We have used it in several books which are structurally compatible, and in reading calendars and song books.

  1. Where you want to provide two (or more) translations of a document - the verse structure allows these to be compared in the “two pane” and “verse by verse” layouts
  2. The verse structure also allows us to take advantage of the annotations/bookmarking facility.
  3. We use a reading calendar which is based on the Revised Common Lectionary, and printed each year. For the App, we markup the months as chapters and the days as verses. With the “\cp Mar” markup, the months are nicely displayed in the grid. This allows us to:
  • Use a link such as \xt 2018 3:5\xt* to go to the reading links for 5th March in the calendar for 2018 (It has potential to also jump to the day’s reading when the calendar is opened!.. feature suggestion* )
  • With the “verse selector” turned on, the calendar user can quickly jump to day/date in the month selected
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  2. The standard verse selector tab labels may not apply to non-scripture books - To give the user the option to use the verse selector facility in both scripture and non-scripture books, we globally style the “ui.selector.tabs” to hide the tab labels. Its not perfect but works reasonably well.


  1. We recently reformatted our song books to take advantage of the indexing, but found that hiding the “verse selector - ui.selector.tabs” tabs also hides the Song Tabs ( Is this correct?

  2. We cannot do the verse selector formatting on an individual book basis as the available customised book UI styles are not being applied in the App. The customised text styles work fine, but not the UI styles. Are there some limitations or something I may have missed as to why these are not working for us?

  3. Would it be possible for an option to turn off the verse selector on a book basis? - In an app where the verse selector is used in different book sets, this would allow use of the verse structure for formatting but not display the verse selector where the user does not expect it.

Dear Laurief,

I am facing the same need! Have managed to get it?



Sorry , cannot help as I stopped using verse selector - I have not checked latest ver 4.7 :slight_smile: