Using woff2 fonts, not applying to song lists

I have a song book app, and one problem with the old Africa subset of the Charis SIL font that I was using was that bar-i with a combining accent over it didn’t remove the dot above the “i”. I thought I would try the new v6 woff2 web versions of the Charis font, to replace the Africa subset (since they are not that much bigger, and have the full font, according to Victor Gaultney).

So I removed font1, and added a new font1 with the woff2 Charis font (regular and bold). Then I built the app, and it showed up fine in the text of the songs and fixed the i-bar with accent problem.

But it is not using Charis for the song list and titles:

I specifically modified the styles I thought should affect the song titles and the book title and chapter number at the top, to be font1:

Any idea why the titles aren’t showing up in Charis font?

I performed a similar operation on a NT app and got the same result. This time I didn’t delete the font1 fonts first, but added the .woff2 fonts (regular and bold) so there were 4 “font1” fonts, then I deleted the 2 Africa subset fonts. (I just thought that maybe deleting all of the “font1” fonts might remove references to that font or something…)

Obviously the NT app doesn’t have a song list, but the book names have all turned into some generic (system?) sans-serif font, just as the song book above.

I also tried adding the Africa subset back in as a font “font2”, and then applied font2 as the font-family in the book and chapter selectors, but still the sans-serif font. Is it possible I have the wrong style names? Before I made any font changes, it was using my Africa subset Charis font for the book/song names.

Sorry, Scripture App Builder apps do not support the use of woff fonts. You need to use TrueType fonts.

The reason for this is that woff is a font format for websites. It is only the main text display in the app that uses a web viewer. The other components (book selectors, song lists, etc.) use standard Android components - not web views.

Thanks @richard for this clarification. Is there a way to use the woff2 font for the main Scripture text, and use the Africa subset for all of the non-web content? That would allow me to get the version 6 font fixes in the app.

No, sorry, you need to specify one ttf font for everything. If the full Charis SIL font is too big, this would be a reason to make a request for subsets in the latest version.