Various Fine-tune timing problems

I have recently run into several problems with the fine-tune timing process. The root of it seems to be that fine-tune timings cannot cope when verses from multiple chapters are in one “chapter”. I’m currently working on an app that provides passages for Discovery Bible Studies. I have set it up so that each “chapter” is a lesson. In one instance for example, several chapters of the Noah story (Gen 6-9) should be listened to together in one session, in another extracts from Genesis 12, 15 and 17. When I use Fine-tune timings, it seems to automatically replace the text of e.g. 15v1 with 12v1, such that any verse found in chapter 12 has precedence over any in subsequent chapters.

Note also that fine-tune timings doesn’t seem to be able to cope with verse segments.

For a previous app that was based on a Bible module, I had the same issue when trying to quote two passages which were from different chapters but had the same verse number. There I had to strip all \v markers which was ok in that instance, but isn’t an ideal situation here. In my efforts to find a solution then, I noticed that if I manually changed the timing file (editing in a text file the html file found in C:\Users\USER\Documents\App Builder\Scripture Apps\HTML Output\fine-tuning\APP PACKAGE NAME and saved it, then went to SAB and right clicked on the audio to “fine-tune timings” it regenerated a new version of the fine-tuning html file and replaced all the changes I’d just made.

Hi David,
Hmmm. I guess I would look at the phrase list file (in the phrases folder under the package named subfolder) and compare to the fine-tunings .TXT file (not the HTML). You can edit the .TXT but when you fine-tune, it embeds that into the HTML each time. Let me know what you find out and send me your project if you like.

Just an update on this, with Andrew’s help we were able to find a workaround of re-numbering any duplicate verse numbers so that the verse numbers in a “chapter” are unique but are still treated as verses, then hiding the verse numbers in SAB and creating a custom marker to show the correct verse number.
For example where I needed Gen 12.1-8 and Gen 15:1-6, Gen 15.1 is re-numbered to be internally marked as \v 9, however with verse numbers turned off that doesn’t show, and only the custom style marker of number 1 shows.