Verse of the day bug? and "beware!" mention for manual proposition

Dear all,

I have come to realize that the proposed verses for “verse of the day” are not always perfect. If your translation is not as literal as the KJV you may find that in many cases a range is needed instead of just one verse. It will depend on the grammar of the target language and other factors. A “Beware” mention in the SAB manual would be in order in that respect. Currently, in the App Publishing checklist there is only mention of:

• Has the default time for the notifications been set at an appropriate time? Can the user change this time in the settings?
• Are verses being displayed correctly in the notifications? (e.g. if the system font has been chosen, are special characters showing correctly?)

I would propose to add to that:
Check each verse of the day reference and each “special dates” reference and check whether :

  1. The verse actually exist in the translation. (NB. In case of not yet complete books this may be the case)
  2. The verse or range of verses is indeed the right range for your target translation. NB. In the target translation, verses may have been combined (i.e. 4-5) or the verse proposed is not a complete sentence or though in the target translation.

In addition, there are some versification issues as well. Especially references from the Psalms are based on the KJV numbering system, where verse 1 is verse 2 in most non-english translations. So the verse of the day referring to Psalm 22.8 “He trusted on the LORD that he would deliver him: Let him deliver him, seeing he delighted in him.” will result in “ceux qui me voient se rient de moi. Tous, ils ricanent, en secouant la tête.” being quoted in french. (I.e. this is the actual verse 7 in KJV: All they that see me laugh me to scorn: They shoot out the lip, they shake the head, saying,) What we really want here is verse 9 to be quoted for all the Scriptures that follow the Hebrew Bible numbering, Septuagint or Latin Vulgate (including Luther) traditions.

In a way this could be considered a bug. It would be good to turn this around and as default propose verse choices that match the majority of the world’s Bible verse numberings (i.e. all those following the Hebrew Bible numbering, Septuagint or Latin Vulgate (including Luther), and an “opt out” check box for the minority that follow the English bible numbering tradition.

Warmly recommended,