Verse of the day feature and email

I really like the “verse of the day” feature. Is it possible to go one step further and set it up so we can get a new email each day containing the verse of the day? If that is not possible, is it possible to set it up so we can a new text message (on WhatsApp or Signal) each day containing the verse of the day?

Hi @craig
How are you imagining this would work?
e.g. Where does the email (or message) come from? Where does it go to?
or What is sending and what is receiving the email/message?

The email would come from either JAARS or SIL or Scripture App Builder or some other entity. OR I could set it up to come from my own email address to whoever wants to receive it within my language community.
The reason I ask about this is that I set my SAB to send out daily Verse of the Day but I cannot see where it appears. It does not appear within my SAB app as far as I can tell.

The Verse a day will show up as a notification on the device that the app is installed on. It works directly with the app, opening it to that verse.

What you are describing is not something that the app itself would be able to do. I have not done this, but I think it would be best done with some sort of email service (maybe MailChimp can do this). You would have to setup the emails and use deep-linking (see Deep Linking in so that the links to the verses open in the app.
The Notifications > Verses tab in SAB can Export to text file which gives you a list like this:

1-1 HEB.3.12-13
1-2 LUK.12.15
1-3 1CH.16.34
1-4 JER.17.9
1-5 PSA.29.1-2 …

That could be run through a regex to convert it to URLs to use for deep linking.