Verse of the Day Link within the App itself

I love that the app has a verse of the day notification. But I see there is no way to know what the verse of the day is within the app itself. So for instance, if I see the notification and by accident, I clear the notifications on my phone, there is no way to know what the verse of the day was. Are there any plans to have a “Verse of the Day” link within the app that would point to the verse of the day? This would be great.

That is useful feature but it can be more than that.
The app must show a popup whenever user first opens the app every day showing that:

Do you want to read the Verse of the Day?

If user selects YES, the app must be diverted to selected verse for that day, If the user selects NO, the app must show the last page visited by user.


Any progress on this feature?

If VOTD can be linked from the navigation drawer. And if possible when clicked on the menu, a monthly calendar popup shows and we can view the verse of any days!

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