Verse of the day not working on some phones

I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced problems with notification of “verse of the day” not working on certain phones (especially off-brand)? The problem occurs even with new phones. On at least one phone, whenever the time of the notification is reset, the notification will come that day, but not repeat daily as it should. On another phone it works some days but not other days, and we can’t tell what might be causing the difference. We have checked for all types of settings about allowing or blocking notifications, but I guess we must be missing something. I searched the help topics but couldn’t see that anyone else has mentioned this issue. Samsung phones are so far the only ones that get the notifications consistently each day.

Yes, there is some kind of issue with verse of the day feature. When ever I open any notification, app directs to the opening book of the collection.
This bug may kindly be corrected in upcoming version.