Verse on Image: Possible to remove reference?

I appreciate that there is the option to remove chapter and verse numbers from the main body text of the app. We are working with an audience that is fairly uncomfortable with such chapter and verse numbers, so we don’t want them.
Unfortunately, chapter and verse references show up in all sorts of pesky, automatically generated places in the app.
My question today is about the “Verse in Image”. the chapter & verse numbers show up automatically. Is there a way to prevent this?

We have the same need: We have the book of Proverbs as a standalone app named “31 Days of Wisdom”, without visible verse numbers, as it makes for an easier introduction for a Crescent audience. They don’t know that a particular verse is “verse 15” or whatever unless they create a verse-on-image. And verse-on-image is actually a highly strategic tool for reaching this audience. It’s what we hope will raise the profile of the app (and subsequently the profile of the Scripture app) as people share images they create.

What would be ideal is for SAB to provide the means for us to specify a “template” for the reference. For most SAB projects, this would be something like “%bookname2 %chapter:%verse”, but Christopher could make this blank, and we could do something like “—Sulaymin ibn Dawud” or “31 Days of Wisdom: Day %chapter”.

I am very glad that the reference can be formatted indepently of the verse text, because we like it to be relatively small. Unfortunately, this ability is lost if we edit the text, which is necessary in some cases. Ideally, after editing, the text after the final line break would still be treated as the reference field, allowing for separate formatting.

Summary of Requests:

  1. Whether app-wide, collection-wide, or book-specific, provide an app builder setting for “reference template”.
  2. Keep it possible to independently format the reference text, even after text has been edited.

Thanks so much!

I have changed this to a feature request.

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