Verse selector doesn't work for bridged/joined verses

In my app, when I use the verse selector to go to a verse which has been joined to another (bridged), instead of going to the bridged verse, it just goes to verse 1. Is there a way to get it to go to the begging of the bridged verse? So, for example, we have joined Matt 7:13-14. Whether I try to go to v13 or v14, it just goes to 7:1. But we’d prefer it went to the beginning of 7:13-14. Is that possible?

I’ve reported this same concern a couple of times, and recently also mentioned that the same issue exists in a Table of Contents. When selecting a target for an item to be added to the Table of Contents, bridged verses show up as expected as a valid selection (e.g. 13-14 from your example, Kathy). But when the bridged verses are selected as the target and the app is compiled and run, selecting that item will jump to verse 1 of the chapter and not to the bridged verses. Perhaps this should be logged as a feature request.

I do get the same behavior. I’ll write up that bug.

I am assuming that the verse selection is from when you are selecting a book or chapter from the book or chapter menu.

You could disable the verse selection after chapter the user selects the chapter. Then they would have to go to the verse manually.

Yes, that is the verse selector that I mean.
I’d rather not disable it, it’s useful the majority of the time when it works!