Versification file for French LSG 1910 version

Hi all.
A user alerted me to a problem of missing verses in our bilingual app in Neh 3. It turns out I had wrongly assumed that the Segond 1910 version (LSG) followed Original versification, but it doesn’t: in a number of places the LSG differs from later French versions like the Segond 21. I therefore need to map the LSG versification to the original in SAB. However PT8 prevents me from extracting the versification file from the resource. Has anyone got access to this versification file?

You want to modify a .vrs file to import into SAB. PT8 uses custom.vrs files that are in with the project so easily obtainable. Are you sure you don’t have one of those you could modify? If you have this version in PT8 then the custom.vrs will be there in the project.

Thanks for the reply. PT8 locks all resources quite tightly so you can’t access the internal files, even those like the LSG 1910 which are out of copyright. What you suggest would have been possible in PT7, but not in PT8. Unfortunately I didn’t have the LSG project downloaded in PT7.

Yes it is a resource so locked :frowning: . You could use any custom versification file and modify that if you know what changes to make. I have custom Indonesian versification files. It probably follows some early Dutch version so may be a bit close.

Thanks for the example. I was hoping to avoid going through and checking all the versification by hand - but that may be the only option. Unless someone can dig out an old backup or project file of the LSG 1910 from PT7 or earlier?