Versification file is applied to Verse-by-Verse mode but doesn't work in Two-Pane layout

Me and my colleagues work a lot with translations whose versifications differ from the Western standard, especially in the Psalms. So if we add an English translation to the app, we need to use a versification file to display the two translations correctly side by side. The problem is that the versification file works only in Verse-by-Verse mode. It isn’t applied in Two-Pane view. Here are two screenshots of Russian and English in parallel. Can this be fixed? Thanks.

So Psalm 22 in Russian is Psalm 23 in English versions. But when in two pane view the different versifications is ignored and you get to compare two different Psalms that have the same number.

I have written up the bug. Thanks for the images they help illustrate the issue.

Yes, exactly. Thanks for looking at it.