Version 1.6 was released recently - What's new?

Just in case you’re wondering whether it is worth updating to the latest version of PTXprint, here’s a list of all the improvements since version 1.5 which was many weeks ago:

  • Diglot code has been re-written to be more robust, reliable and adaptable to structural differences between texts

  • Enabled Diglot texts to switch sides (left/right inner/outer - especially useful for RTL)

  • Button to automate optimizing of the column widths for primary and secondary columns of diglots

  • Localization of UI is now available through Crowdin via

  • Added ability to overlay image credits on pictures (specifically to comply with David C Cook image use requirements) - see image at the end of this message for an overview.

  • Pictures in peripheral books (INT, BAK, GLO etc.) can now be manipulated via the PicList like all other pictures

  • PTXprint now ships with its own version of XeTeX so that it can even run without Paratext installed

  • Can now select and use any folder for projects if “My Paratext 8/9 Projects” folder isn’t found

  • Font feature editor added to Font Selection dialog (enabling specific features to enabled/disabled)

  • Added “Quick Run” option with a Warning/Status message in red on the bottom status bar after a run

  • Page numbering now allows negative numbers - which enables roman numerals for introductory pages

  • Allow horizontal spacing between footnotes (and cross-references) to be specified with min+max values

  • Spacing before/after footnotes (and/or cross-references) can now be specified in Styles editor

  • Colophon can now be forced to a new page if needed, and can include special characters

  • Magic codes: \zcopyright, \zlicense and \zimagecopyrights can now also be used in FRT or INT books

  • Generated \zimagecopyrights statements can now be localized by adding a language code: \zimagecopyrightsfr

  • There is a dialog to help you locate, download and install texts from DBL bundles (which are particularly useful for diglot publications)

  • Paratext modules now work more smoothly

  • Many of the tooltips have been updated to reflect new ways of working (especially with the Styles editor)

  • Several tabs have shortcut links to appropriate Styles in the editor, and Styles can now be searched for

  • All program exceptions (crashes) are reported and copied to the clipboard for easier reporting by e-mail

  • Margin settings have been greatly simplified and include graphics to show what exactly is being set

  • Magic buttons to optimize line spacing or top/bottom margins to optimize layout and minimize wasted space

  • Tooltips updated with more accurate context-specific help information

  • Several tabs have been re-organized to make it less cluttered and more obvious to use

  • Dozens of other minor bug fixes since 1.5

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the main site and download PTXprint version 1.6 today.

You will also notice that there is a short 2-minute promo video which is a good introduction for anyone who needs help being convinced that PTXprint is worth trying.

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