Version 1.7 was just released - What’s new?

It is our pleasure to announce the release of version 1.7

Here is the list of changes since 1.6 last month. Bug fixes are not listed here, but there were several issues identified and fixed during this time. Thank you to all who have helped improve this software by reporting bugs and suggesting improvements. And a special congratulations to those who have done the 1st stage of the Indonesian localization. It’s looking great.

  • Added option to include Guides (rules and baselines) and/or custom Grid behind text. Refer to notes below for further details on this new feature.

  • Added End-of-Ayah options for verse decorator on the Tabs+Border page

  • Added UI localization for Indonesian (tooltips yet to be done) - thanks to DC & RN

  • The Arabic UI is RTL (when used with appropriate locale settings) - still need localizers for this

  • Added alternative diglot merging/aligning scheme for texts that are not structured the same

  • Added diglot feature “Adjust Center Header” to align with the gutter/line

  • Allow Anchor Ref column to be resized in PicList viewer

  • Space above and below footnote rule can now be set independently

  • Added “How?” link to Pictures “Omit only app and web pics” option

  • Added Decorative Section Heading graphic for 2-col layouts

  • Allow longer Colophons to flow onto subsequent page

  • PDF bookmark list improved

  • Added “Fullwidth” digits to list of scripts - mainly used with CJK scripts

  • Added Western-Cham digits as an option

  • Provides helpful feedback if user tries to print when fonts have not yet been set

Here is what a generated Grid looks like - which helps with precise measurements when setting up:

Or if you would rather see the Guides (showing margins and baselines) - which could help when making adjustments:

These Guides and Grid settings are accessible from the Layout tab. Note that the ‘Crop Marks’ option still exists, but is now located on the Advanced tab.

The End-of-Ayah verse number styling may be appealing to certain audiences:

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