Version 1.9 was just released - What's new?

Oops! We missed the announcement for 1.8, so here’s a quick post about version 1.9 bringing you up to speed on some of the newest features in PTXprint.

These links to the EMDC Online archives (which require you to be enrolled to access them) are a good place to start if you feel like you need to get an overview of PTXprint, or explore advanced features.

And if you haven’t yet noticed, the PTXprint product site has been restructured so that it is no longer crammed onto a single page. If it has been a while since you last used PTXprint, you may want to check out the Gallery with examples of what is currently possible with this tool. Click on any image to enlarge it and see the caption explaining which feature is in focus. And if you’re wondering about what makes PTXprint different from Publishing Assistant, then check out this page for an explanation.

New features:

  • Ability to include auto-localized cross-references from external lists in a center column - similar to what you would see in a study/reference Bible

    Which results in output similar to what is shown below:

  • Added optimized PDF Output Format options for PDF standards compliance
    (Digital=RGB, Print=CYMK, Transparency, and Archive) - see Advanced tab

  • Polyglot support is now available in the TeX macros (but not yet included in PTXprint)

    Before we go ahead and add this feature to the (already quite complex) user-interface, it would be interesting to hear how many people are interested in this new feature, and what your use-case(s) would be. Hit Reply and let us know…

Minor improvements:

  • Changed the hard-to-find Adv/Basic mode slider to a Show More/Less button

  • Allow PDFs to be used as illustrations (in addition to jpg, tif, png, bmp, etc.)

  • Allow page size separator to use , or x as dimension separator

  • Allow PrintDraftChanges.txt to do location-specific changes using keyword ‘at’, for example:

at GAL 3:16 "yesukrist" > "yesu krist" (only make this change in one verse)
at JHN "kurpa" > "permata daya"        (only make this change in one book)
at ROM 1:3 '\\v 3' > '\\v 3-4'         (blending verses for short marginal verses)
at ROM 1:4 '\\v 4 ' > ''
  • Added ability for on-the-fly bridged verses (useful for marginal verses)

  • Added button to Return to primary project when configuring secondary project of diglot

  • Added option to Omit Captions for illustrations

  • Added hook to allow triggering of caller reset on chapter breaks (enables resetting footnote and cross-reference callers at chapter breaks by using custom code in .tex file)

  • Show expanded/flattened module in Final SFM tab when typesetting a module

  • Improved margin calculations, wording and graphics on the Layout page

  • Improved robustness and accuracy of AdjList creation process

  • Improved context information in error messages to help track issues better

And as usual there have been dozens of minor bug fixes. So it is certainly worth updating to the latest version. Visit the Download page now…

NOTE: The child markers of \f and \x now follow the settings of their parent marker styles. As a result there may be changes in the way footnotes and cross-references appear. It is recommended that you reset these styles to use the default settings prior to trying to remedy settings manually.