Video can not be placed on other than default or first book

I have published Songbook app on the android play store. I have included three different books (Hymn, Chorus and Children song). Now, I want to include some youtube links. The problem is when I place the link to Chorus or Children song then the link jumps to Hymnbook. The hymn is the first book. I can’t include any videos in any other books except the first book.

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Incorporating video is something that I have also had trouble with. I’m sorry you haven’t gotten much of a response. I recommend submitting a bug report at Support - Scripture App Builder.

In the end, I left video out of my app for technical and cultural reasons- in my case they weren’t key to the app’s functionality.

I’m not sure if the development team is able to respond to every bug report or not, but in any case these reports always help the team know what is important to users and what needs to be fixed. (Especially when they get the same or similar feedback from multiple users.) I do know that the development team is very active in the development of RAB.

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