Video Placement not SAVING

I selected the Jesus film clips for my app. When I enter the placement information on the placement tab for any clip, then close that box and save the app, When I re-open the placement tab the placement settings are all blank.

Any suggestions? Is this a bug?

Can anyone give me hints on setting up the Jesus Film clips. They import in the Video list ok, but when I enter the placement information in the Placement tab, the information is not saved after I hit ok. When I reopen the placement tab it always is empty like this.

I think I am missing an undocumented step in setting up streaming of J Film clips. Any ideas,

Desperate, rg

I already updated to SAB v 8.2

Hi Roger, when you choose JESUS film clips, it should set the chapter and vers placement information automatically, assuming you have Luke’s Gospel.

But even if you don’t have Luke’s Gospel, you should be able to modify the placement information manually. This looks to be working, so it might be a problem that is related to your project and data. If you can send us a demo project, we can try and reproduce and fix it. Thanks!