Videos not displaying in App

Hello! I’m trying to create an app that includes videos embedded into the .apk. When I create the app and install it on a device the videos appear as gray rectangles on the device. Back in SAB they play fine within the program and when viewed within a browser. The file size of the app is right, meaning I can see the video has been included in the apk, but I’m not sure why it’s not displaying right. Not even a thumbnail is displaying. Thanks for any thoughts.


@Casey_Ellis Can you say what version you are building with?

Yes, I just checked, 5.4

We are up to 6.0.2. There are also some changes in video handling. Read the documentation.
There is a bug with audio included in the app, I have not heard if video included in the APK has the same issue. That issue is not in 6.0.1

I upgraded to the latest version and I am still having issues. In the “viewer” tab I can see my video displayed within SAB but when I compile the app the video doesn’t display in the app. I am trying to create an app that only has videos in it. Using the contents menu I want one item to link to the full length Gospel of Mark video. The other item to link to a screen that has an item for each chapter of the video. (The video is also divided up by chapter). I have the items targeting specific chapters of Mark. In the videos tab I’ve told SAB to put the video at the top of each chapter. Again, they show up in the “viewer” tab and play fine. I don’t have any text in the .sfm except:

\id MRK - Nth Ambrym
\toc3 Mak
\toc1 Mak
\c 1

Any suggestions?
Thank you!

I think I found the issue. It seems like the videos wont display if there is no text in the chapter. The video itself is not enough to cause it to display. When I added a \s below the \c 1 and put the text, “Mak Jabta 1”, then the video would display in the compiled app. This is fine because it is no problem to have a title above or below each video. Thank you for your time.

Casey Ellis

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