\vrs help needed

I’m not clear what I should enter in the \vrs line. I see \vrs Original and \vrs English in the examples, but not being a translator but a typesetter I don’t know what else I might enter for this project’s vernacular language.

This is a guess, I’ve never used modules myself, but I would assume that unless you are doing something odd like a reversification, you should put the same versification as has been chosen in Paratext (Small menu > Project settings > Project properties > General).
Unless you’re allowed to just leave that line out?

I don’t think I’ve ever used that line. Of course, I’ve also struggled printing Bible Modules so maybe that’s been my whole problem :slight_smile:

I think that marker is probably only necessary if, like David said, you’re trying to override something (like use a different versification than the project you’re working in normally uses).

Thanks, David_Gardner and mjames,
The PTX versification says English but since this is a Bible Module… actually a “panorama” with a large list of books and verses. The order of the books are mixed - some repeat themselves in the midst of other books. And only certain selections of verses are chosen. Otherwise the versification is the same as what is chosen in PTX. I’m starting to wonder if this is even technically a “Bible Module”.