Waiting for upgrade on 8.01

Anyone know if the upgrade to 8.01 is happening any time soon?
I need the fix for the copy and paste function in 8.01.

Could you please explain what is not working that you are waiting on? SAB is current on 8.1. The next release (8.2) should be released soon.

I did ask about 8.2 a few weeks ago and had a reply from Corey Garrett
saying that he had contacted Richard and that 8.2 would probably be around the end of last month.

The issue that I had posted was that the copy and paste function does not display properly in 8.1.
And you can’t paste anything into the search window.
It was ok in 7.1 but I can’t use 7.1 because I use a security code on the app and it crashed when entering the 4 digit admin code so I can’t go back to that.

If it is possible to go back to an earlier version that doesn’t have my two issues I can do that since my build is just plain scripture. I am not sure how I would do that though. Can a project created in 8.1 be imported into and earlier version if the project doesn’t have things in it that the earlier version doesn’t have?

My two issues were that in 7.1 when I entered the 4 digit admin code, on the last digit it gave an error message and the app crashed.
Then in 8.1, the context menu that has the copy and paste function when defining text, only displays the square box shaped copy icon.
So you could copy anything defined but there is no paste icon for pasting it anywhere.

Hi Ron, there were some delays in the 8.2 timing but I see it was posted just last night. Take a look and let us know what it looks like with the new version.

Hi there Corey. Just downloaded 8.2 and the problems I had are all solved. Many Thanks Ron