Walk through the Gospel Illustrations?

A friend of mine is looking to make a Luke Bible app for a language - Luke text, synced audio and interesting illustrations.

Does anyone know of illustration sets out there that walk through Gospels? It would be cool if there was one illustration for each event throughout the book of Luke.

He would likely use RAB for this, but depends on the kind of illustrations he finds.

Hello Neil,

SIL’s International Media Services has images on their website:

These free digital Bible illustrations are © Sweet Publishing and made available under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. This means you are free to redistribute, adapt, and use these illustrations in your own work, provided that you:

  • Attribute the illustrations to Sweet Publishing with a link, where possible, to http://sweetpublishing.com, and
  • License the illustrations under the same ‘Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license’ when you publish any derivative work

Bill Dyck and Loren Hawthorne have been doing videos for languages in Mexico. They might have a suggestion of images to go along with Luke.


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I heard back from Bill. He said:

We actually have a collection of 16 templates that include Sweet Illustrations along with Scripture audio.
https://goo.gl/YsTkRc (Resource link to shared DropBox folder)

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Hey Chris,
Thanks for all of this! Just what I had in mind. Awesome that it exists!

Hi Neil.

It sounds like you want to take the Luke text, synced with audio, and add a few pictures.

What we have been doing in Ethiopia is similar to what has been mentioned above. However, it is more story based and pulls in from all the Gospels, rather than just walking through the whole book of Luke.

We have simply used the Read n Grow Video templates (link below), copied and pasted the appropriate text into MS Word, added the appropriate picture from this template, and put page breaks between each page. We cut the audio so it was one mp3 file per page, which makes the formatting quite simple and quick to do. I don’t think is would be appropriate for a full Gospel.

Interested to see what your friends final product is!

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Hey thanks Dave for posting this! Great to have as much related resources as possible on these forum posts.

This is great stuff, I was just thinking after EMDC (inspired by another app), won’t it be great to have a way to grab SAB outputs and generate a video out of it. It seems it can’t be automated, or at least the manual effort is worth it to produce a much nicer end product.

I made this spreadsheet to help show others what SAB can build and what kind resources it needs, maybe you will find this helpful, anyone can edit, feel free to share: