Welcome/What's new screen

Most of the time, users asks how to operate the app or even what features are in this? Or when we update the app, the users though update it but don’t know what kind of changes are made in this update?
So, here is my suggestion to add a Welcome/Whats new screen in the app, that can be set through html as in about screen. When anyone installs first time, the Welcome Screen with detailed app features with images and links must appear on first startup. and What’s new screen should appear on first startup after update with detailed changes that are given in that update and detail of bugs which are fixed.

Humble regards.

Hi Developers,

In this regard, I want to suggest to add an screen message as it is already being shown when app gets expired if we put an end date of that version.
So, like that same type box may kindly be added with html coding support for updated version, so whenever any updates the app, on first open after update, that message must be shown to inform about the new update that what new features are added or vice versa.
And furthermore, same must be added in RAB and DAB as well.

Hope for best.

My mind has been slow to get into gear. Here is a workaround for your issue without adding a feature.

You could have front matter page that is an introduction to the app. Set the Features > Navigation > First Book to FRT and Chapter 1 or Intro.

On your FRT page have a link to at least the first book of the Bible.