What do these arrows mean?


Sometimes when I make a quick scroll, I see are arrows like this (on chapters before numbers)

What do they mean?


@david_moore1, can you look?

The first one, where the arrow appears by itself, appears when you have the verse selector on and pressing it just takes you to the beginning of the book and doesn’t display the verse selector. The other ones are a bug that appears to occur if you have a long list and scroll up and down through it. Never seen that before and it is not something I would have guessed would happen looking at the code. I have a fix for that and will check it in.

JFI: Psalm book.
I saw this “bug”, maybe a year ago or two, late mistake went away and I forgot about it…
Now I saw it again in test process of 6.2.

But you will not believe it, then I tried (when I first saw) to find the sacral meaning in these arrows =).

@leonid, we are rebuilding SAB/RAB for another issue. The fix for this issue will be included.