What happens when you click "Confirmed"?

Hi, Despite having used transcelerator with my team for a while, I’ve only recently read the help materials and discovered the possibilty of “excluding questions”. Up until this point the questions our team don’t want to include in the checking script have just not been ticked/checked in the confirmed box. But now I’m wondering if it’s better to use the exclude option for those, and if the ‘confirmed’ button actually makes something happen under the hood for transcelerator to learn from that translation. Especially because I often make orthographical or grammatical changes to those that they have marked as “confirmed” before I then generate the checking script. Thanks

It is not necessary to exclude unwanted questions in Transcelerator if their presence is not a problem for the translation team. Excluding them just hides them so they don’t constantly look like unfinished work. When you generate the script, excluded questions will always be excluded. Questions that are not translated will also be excluded as long as you have not selected the option to output untranslated questions in English. (That option is mainly there to allow for on-the-fly translation from English when conduction a UNS check live.)
Selecting Confirmed (which happens automatically when you press Enter after typing a translation) does not have any special/secret behavior. The presence of the Confirmed column is actually mainly needed just to be able to see which questions still need translating. It also allows for special behavior when you clear it: clearing the Confirmed box removes any previously entered translation and reverts to Transcelerator’s guessed translation.

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