What SAB files are needed to give someone else the app build

If wanting to archive a SAB project on server, such that another builder could open the SAB project on his computer, change keystore, allowing him to modify or upgrade as needed, what files are needed in the archive?
It seems that pieces of the projects are in different locations. For example, parts of the app build are located App Builder\ Scripture Apps, in folders such as timings , phrases, HTML and the Apk output and App projects. Then besides these, I suppose a copy of the books, pictures, audio and such also should be in the archive folder?
What are others doing in this area?
Thanks eh!

You should zip the entire folder that you find in the App Builder\ Scripture Apps\App Projects that matches the Project name. It should contain the project-name.appdef and the project-name_data folder.

If there is Audio then it is best if you put the audio in an Audio folder in the project-name_data folder.

If you want someone else to maintain the project on Google Play, then you must also leave the keystore file and the password. Otherwise they can’t update the app. Using the Scriptoria publishing service service could help maintain it long term. Or Google is now also offering a service to sign your apps.

Some of the folders under App Builder\ Scripture Apps are default folders for import and export from projects, so you can easily share some parts of the project to other projects, like picture placement files.
Timing files are included in the project-name_data\timings folder, the App Builder\ Scripture Apps\timings* folder you referred to is a working folder for aeneas. Phrases is a place phrases files are stored for use by aeneas. It is no used directly in building the app.

I think I covered it but I may have missed something.